Terranigma EasyType

Terranigma Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.0 FINAL
  • Release Date: 1/19/2012


    Terranigma was a followup to Illusion of Gaia and was the 3rd installment from the SoulBlazer series. This game was something of a mystery for North Americans because it was the only SNES/SFC RPG that was released pretty much everywhere else BUT North America. Too bad too because it is probably one of the best RPGs from that era never released to North America. Why wasn't it released in North America you ask? Enix had apparently closed its US subsidiary offices prior to it being released. It is in this author's opinion that it is one of the best Enix RPGs since Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior IV. This mod makes your character get to the max level of 50 from the first monster killed.

    What has been changed:
    -Kill an enemy and you'll level to 50 in no time flat.
    -You can patch the rom file Terranigma (E) [!] with "t_u_et_10.ips" to allow the game to be played in NTSC format.

    NOTE: There are five patches included.
    t_u_et_10.ips = North America NTSC, applied to: Terranigma (E) [!]
    t_e_et_10.ips = English PAL, applied to: Terranigma (E) [!]
    t_j_et_10.ips = Japanese, applied to: Tenchi Souzou (J)
    t_gf_et_10.ips = German & French, applied to Terranigma (G) [!] or Terranigma (F)
    t_s_et_10.ips = Spanish, applied to Terranigma (S)