Paladin's Quest EasyType

Paladin's Quest EasyType Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.0
  • Release Date: 11/19/2011

    Don't let the silly simple graphics and dialogue of Paladin's Quest fool you, this is a gem. The story will entertain you as will the gameplay so this is one RPG definitely to be played by the old school RPG fan. But with the simple graphics there are loads of battles to fight so this patch just makes it more bearable by making your characters godlike.

    What has been changed:
    -Adjusted the character stats to 999 HP/MP and 500 for the rest.

    NOTE: There are two patches, "pq_et_10.ips" and "l_et_10.ips". One is for the North American Paladin's Quest (pq_et_10.ips) and the other for the Japanese Lennus: Kodai Kikai no Kioku (l_et_10.ips).