Mystic Quest Reborn / Mystic Quest HardType

Mystic Quest Reborn Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • HardType Version: 2.0
  • Reborn Version: 2.0
  • Original Release Date: 8/03/2009
  • HardType Updated Last: 6/15/2012
  • Reborn Updated Last: 8/30/2012

    As many of you know Final Fantasy Mystic Quest gets a bad rap from people that either it is too easy or it is for children. Well of course both of those are wrong. The game wasn't super easy like some people claim, but it wasn't difficult either. And come on it isn't for children, it has a good story and keeps you entertained throughout the entire game. I've made the game more challenging as well as added some additional stuff to spice it up a bit. There will be two versions of the mod. The first version (HardType) will include everything except for the new/remixed music and item/character/enemy names, while the second version (Reborn) will include everything. I will do it that way simply to please the purists and the people who like the new content.

    What's changed:
    -Imported some new music from Final Fantasy V and Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana).
    -Overhauled the entire game's treasure contents and changed some locations of some of them as well.
    -Brown treasure chests that give consumable items now have a quantity of 4x instead of 3x.
    -Brown treasure chests that give consumable weapons give 8x instead of 10x.
    -"Super" chests at the end of the game give 10x items instead of 25x.
    -Semi-overhauled the characters to better balance from being a useless tool to being useful. No longer does Benjamin feel like he's the spare until he gets the Holy or Flare Magic. Now Benjamin is the powerhouse and the support allies are exactly that--a support ally.
    -Altered some of your allies' starting magic to provide more challenge. Phoebe no longer has the Holy spell at the end of the game.
    -Altered the White magic spells to not be able to be casted on monsters to prevent abuse. With exception of Exit, but with Exit you get no EXP from that monster you warp away with Exit. This means you can no longer cast Cure on the Dark King to kill him quickly!
    -Tweaked most of the equipment in the game to have various levels of usability.
    -Monsters have been overhauled, every monster has been changed and beefed up.
    -Monster attacks have been beefed up, especially later in the game.
    -The Battlefields have all had their contents changed and each Battlefield has it's own # to defeat to earn the reward.
    -Some minor graphic tweaks have been made--and I mean minor!

    NOTE: You will need a US release of the rom file without a header with the following GoodSNES name: Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (U) (V1.0) [!].

YouTube Videos: Random Battles (Reborn):

Bosses (Reborn):

Dark King Preview:

    Tips 'n Tricks:
    This is a second dedicated to some tips 'n tricks from the beta testers as well as myself.

    -If you find yourself too weak to kill Minotaur, the boss of the Level Forest, try manually controlling your partner. Sometimes she likes to make wrong decisions which can get you killed.
    -It will take about ~20 seconds per trip but you can get the Potion treasure chest in Kaeli's house to quickly build up Potions for the Bone Dungeon. This is also the fastest way to accumulate Potions at any point during the game.
    -Inns are a waste of GP. Spend some time and back track to Foresta and use the free healing bed, don't forget to grab some Potions while you are there.
    -If you don't like that (normal) battle you just got in to then Run and try again. There are more than 1 formation to choose from at random for most non-boss battles!
    -If you find yourself getting poisoned a lot during the first part of the game you can go back to Foresta and use the free healing bed (bottom right house) to cure status ailments. Use this free heal at any point in the game if you run out of Remedies!
    -You are at a crossroads for difficulty right after the Level Forest. You can either clearout these two Battlefields now or save Tristam's Ninja Stars and go on to the Bone Dungeon. Running out of Ninja Stars in the Bone Dungeon makes it 4 times more difficult. Go back when you first get Phoebe so she can use her Cat Claw to help you get these Battlefields without wasting arrows.
    -Using the Cure spell if your out of Potions is only good if you use it on one person for the best effectiveness.
    -After you get the Quake spell be VERY careful on fights where the Hero can get Confused. Casting Quake on your own party is almost certain death. It a way Quake is more harmful to you and your allies than it is useful to kill monsters. You could just skip this spell altogether or just keep plenty of Remedies handy.
    -Once in Aquaria it is strongly recommended to purchase the Iron Helmet from the girl in the house to the top right. That extra defense will come in handy for sure! There is no easy way to obtain GP so purchase this when you can.
    -Out of Remedies and don't have any magic points? Let the party member die then run from battle. Just make sure you have Potions or Cure Magic!
    -If you are having trouble saving magic points for your ally manually control them so they do not spam using Remedy items or magic spells. This is especially helpful in the Falls Basin, Ice Pyramid and the other dungeons where the monsters attack with or cast status ailments.
    -Getting Ethers is a challenge, you can either save them when you find them in treasure chests for boss battles or you can spend hard earned GP for them in Fireburg or Windia. There is also the task of going back through dungeons to obtain more...but that would be very time consuming. WARNING: Keep in mind that you ONLY get a set number of GP in the complete game!
    -SAVE YOUR GAME! You can literally save anywhere so don't be affraid to use that feature!
    -Once you reach the Ice Pyramid you will notice the EXP won from battles is not curving as far up to match the harder monsters. So if you want and or need to grind out a level or two try going back to the Wintry Cave or even the Bone Dungeon. You'd be surprised on how quicker the EXP will come. This comes handy when you're above level 20 and the monsters are really tough later in the game. Cheap easy wins saves you from using Potions, magic points and GP from buying items.
    -Using the Exit spell on a monster should be an extreme emergency. If you've run out of Ethers or Potions and don't have them to spare on the normal battles then use it. Just know you'll get ZERO EXP from those monsters and it will cost you a White Magic point.
    -Before you cast magic in or out of battle switch over to your claw, it gives +5 Magic. This will make Cure and attack magic more effective.
    -If you are in a battle where you need the Hero to try to attack first equip the sword, it gives +5 Speed.
    -Once finished with the Lava Dome you should head back to Fireburg to restock on items and then make the trek to Foresta to use the free healing bed to avoid wasting GP on the Inn.
    -No normal monsters or mini-bosses give GP, but, all main bosses give a small amount of GP. This means you will not have a unlimited source for GP--so spend it wisely.
    -In the Doom Castle do not be affraid to use the Dragon Claw to attack with, it has a higher Critical Hit % and causes some status ailments.
    -The Battlefields all hold a different amount of rounds, usually the higher the # of rounds the better the reward. Keep this in mind when you decide on which Battlefields to conquer first!
    -If you're in the middle of a dungeon and you run out of consumable items or weapons do not be afraid to exit and restock. Just get more this time!
    -Bombs are useless as an attack weapon. Only use these when the hero's other melee weapons cause too many status ailment counters!
    -If your ally constantly runs out of consumable weapons and they don't have the Magic Points to spare try using the Defend command. You'd be surprised how effective this is when you need to save those consumable weapons.
    -In the Doom Castle consider each floor a seperate dungeon--so exit after every other one and restock! If not you'll run out of Potions before the last floor.
    -To beat the Dark King you will need at least the ability to heal for at least 30 rounds, 20 Remedies, 5 Refreshers, and 5 Ethers.

Review #1 by Klaviaturist on 6/22/2012
Most of us that grew up in the SNES era and loved the RPGs that came out from Enix and Square will probably remember Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Yes, the RPG that was suppose to be (1. A beginners game for newbies to the RPG genre and (2. The game that was hopefully going to make JRPGs in North America profitable. But alas, Mystic Quest was good at neither. The game sported aged graphics, even for the time. The game play was clunky, easy, and repetitive. Totally linear (minus a couple of dungeons). And the storyline suffered from a horrendous script that could have been written by my ten year old nephew. The only positive was it had a remarkable score, for the most part. This hack makes some drastic changes to the game that address quite a few of the issues listed above.

The first thing I noticed about MQ was the music. The music was changed to make it feel more like a Final Fantasy game than a spin-off. But at the same time retained a lot of the classic music from the game itself that was truly worth keeping (battle music for one). The main change that was the most welcome was the drastic change in difficulty. No more plowing through the game in seven hours. You not only have to defeat every enemy on the screen but leave the level and defeat them again if you want to have any chance of even beating a boss. As well, treasure chests aren't just lying about all over the place making the experience easier. Another thing to note is when you gain your side characters they are not so much more powerful then you are. Unlike in the original where they would be like Goliath's making your main character more of a supporting character. This is just a few changes to take note.

I only had a couple of things I would have liked to have seen changed as well. But this could be for another project I suppose. I would like to see either a completely new script for the game as I really hate the original. Yes, the storyline is very typical "Save the Crystals, you save the world from darkness" mumbo jumbo, but a good script could take even the most simplistic storyline and make it worth a gamers time. Either a completely new script or a completely new game based on the MQ engine. That is something I know I would check out.
For fans of the original game, whether you liked it or not, you should definitely check this hack out. If you liked the original and would like to play through it on a more difficult note, you will welcome this. If you didnít like the game because you felt it was too easy or childish, check this out. I think you might be surprised.

Recommended - Yes