Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals EasyType

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals Easy Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.0 BETA
  • Release Date: 11/17/2011
  • Updated Last: 11/17/2011

    Lufia II is another one of those sequels that is arguably better than the original. While it was semi-difficult at times you could spend a bunch of game time fighting battles. This patch makes your characters godlike. Any RPG fan should definitely check this one out!

    What's been changed:
    -Monsters in the Secret Skills Cave in the begining drop over 65,000 EXP and 65,000 Gold.
    -Lizards in the Secret Skills Cave drop Zircon Shields which you can sell for Gold.
    -Maxim's starting equipment is 2 Fry Swords and 4 Pearl Armors to give maximum damage and defense. Don't unequip them or you cannot reequip them back on those slots.

    Tip: Try using the Reset spell in the room with the Lizard to get unlimited Zircon Shields to sell for a bunch of Gold, not to mention the EXP and Gold from the battle itself.

    NOTE: You will need a US release of the rom file without a header. I am unsure if this works with the Japanese rom file, so beware!
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