Lagoon EasyType

Lagoon EasyType Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.0 FINAL
  • Release Date: 12/28/2011

    Lagoon is one of thse games that while it isn't hard it does require some serious monster battling. This mod at least makes it so monsters are an afterthought.

    What has been changed:
    -Adjusted the characters stat progression to always have 255 HP, MP, Strength and Defense.
    -Had Nasir start out with 65,000 Gold. The Mayor also gives 65,000 Gold for your quest.
    -Adjusted the monster EXP and Gold amounts to over 65,000 in the Gold Cave.

    NOTE: This patch will work on the North American and Eurpean rom file. It will not work on the Japanese rom file.