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Hey You, Outta My Way!

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NOTE: These tracks are intended for your listening pleasure using a home stereo system or car audio system either with a subwoofer. Using just headphones, 2 speakers or an audio system without a subwoofer will significantly reduce the quality of the playback.

Original composers & companies (Source GameFAQs):
Donkey Kong Country: David Wise
Estpolis Denki I & II: Yasunori Shiono
Gradius III: Y. Morimoto, K. Muraoka, K. Uehara, H. Ueko
SoulBlader: Yukihide Takekawa & Kazz Tomaya
Star Fox: Hajime Hirasawa
Street Figther II - The World Warrior: Yoshihiro Sakaguchi & Yoko Shimom
Super Castlevania IV: Masanori Oodachi & Souji Taro
Super Mario RPG: Yoko Shimomura
Super R-Type: Charle Y.K
Ys III - Wanderers from Ys: Masaaki Harada, Michiharu Hasuya, Osamu Kasai
(Bonus Track) Final Fantasy I: Nobuo Uematsu

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