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In-Battle Status Blocks - RAM
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In-Battle Status Blocks - RAM

These are RAM addresses of status blocks for characters, enemies, and others. They are used in-battle.

Note that this probably corresponds closely to the initial character data blocks, get those off the old Biolab archives and post them.

It would be wise to check the unknown superblocks to see if they can be freed up for hacks, or to save room in loading routines.

Player Characters
0x1D800 //PC 1
0x1DA04 //PC 2
0x1DC08 //PC 3
0x1DE0C //PC 4
0x1E010 //PC 5

Unknown Superblock One
0x1E214 //Unknown 1
0x1E418 //Unknown 2
0x1E61C //Unknown 3
0x1E820 //Unknown 4
0x1EA24 //Unknown 5

0x1EC28 //Enemy 1
0x1EE2C //Enemy 2
0x1F030 //Enemy 3
0x1F234 //Enemy 4
0x1F438 //Enemy 5

Unknown Superblock Two
0x1F63C //Unknown 1
0x1F840 //Unknown 2
0x1FA44 //Unknown 3
0x1FC48 //Unknown 4
0x1FE4C //Unknown 5 Note: Interestingly, x_loto's findings indicate this last block is not actually used (the first 3 blocks of 204hx5 are cleared by a routine which left the 4th block as it was).

Known values as of 12/31/2016:
0x00: Unknown
0x01: Unknown
0x02: Unknown
0x03: Unknown
0x04: Unknown
0x05: Unknown
0x06: Unknown
0x07: Unknown
0x08: Unknown
0x09: Unknown
0x0A: Unknown
0x0B: Unknown
0x0C: Unknown
0x0D: Unknown
0x0E: Unknown
0x0F: Unknown
0x10: Unknown
0x11: Unknown
0x12: Unknown
0x13: Unknown
0x14: Unknown
0x15: Unknown
0x16: Unknown
0x17: Unknown
0x18: Unknown
0x19: Unknown
0x1A: Unknown
0x1B: Unknown
0x1C: Unknown
0x1D: Unknown
0x1E: Unknown
0x1F: Unknown
0x20: Unknown
0x21: Unknown
0x22: Unknown
0x23: Unknown
0x24: Current HP, 0x00??
0x25: Current HP, 0x??00
0x26: Unknown
0x27: Unknown
0x28: Base Max HP, 0x00??
0x29: Base Max HP, 0x??00 (Corresponds with status byte 04--05, says x_loto)
0x2A: Unknown, possibly equipment boost to HP
0x2B: Unknown, possibly equipment boost to HP
0x2C: Total Max HP, 0x00??
0x2D: Total Max HP, 0x??00 (Maybe this factors in RaySword? That's Waylay's present hypothesis.)
0x2E: Unknown
0x2F: Unknown
0x30: Current LP, 0x00??
0x31: Current LP, 0x??00
0x32: Max LP, 0x00??
0x33: Max LP, 0x??00
0x34: Current WP, 0x00??
0x35: Current WP, 0x??00
0x36: Max WP, 0x00??
0x37: Max WP, 0x??00
0x38: Current JP, 0x00??
0x39: Current JP, 0x??00
0x3A: Max JP, 0x00??
0x3B: Max JP, 0x??00
0x3C: Race/Gender byte (Corresponds to status byte 16, says mr. loto)
0x3D: Corresponds to status byte A1 (credit to x_loto)
0x3E: Unknown
0x3F: Unknown
0x40: Unknown
0x41: Unknown
0x42: Unknown
0x43: Unknown
0x44: Unknown
0x45: Unknown
0x46: Unknown
0x47: Unknown
0x48: Unknown
0x49: Unknown
0x4A: Status bit, 0x??00
        0x01: Angry
        0x02: Charm
        0x04: Mess (Red)
        0x08: Mess (Yellow)
        0x10: Mess (Blue)
        0x20: Sleep
        0x40: Palsy
        0x80: Faint (Instant KO)
0x4B: Status, 0x00??
        0x01: Stasis (?)
        0x02: Infinity (Magician Arcane Magic effect/flag - does nothing if given to a character)
        0x04: Sparkle (VMAX effect/flag)
        0x08: Sparkle (SoulRune effect/flag)
        0x10: Sparkle (Awakening effect/flag)
        0x20: Blind
        0x40: Stone/Petrify
        0x80: Venom/Poison
0x4C: Unknown
0x4D: Unknown
0x4E: Unknown
0x4F: Unknown
0x50: Unknown
0x51: Unknown
0x52: Unknown
0x53: Unknown
0x54: Unknown
0x55: Unknown
0x56: Unknown
0x57: Unknown
0x58: Unknown
0x59: Unknown
0x5A: Unknown
0x5B: Unknown, Probably Total HP
0x5C: Total Str
0x5D: Total Qui
0x5E: Total Int
0x5F: Total Wil
0x60: Total Psy
0x61: Total Vit
0x62: Total Cha
0x63: Unknown, probably Base HP
0x64: Base Str
0x65: Base Qui
0x66: Base Int
0x67: Base Wil
0x68: Base Psy
0x69: Base Vit
0x6A: Base Cha
0x6B: Unknown, probably HP mod (magic)
0x6C: Str mod (magic)
0x6D: Qui mod (magic)
0x6E: Int mod (magic)
0x6F: Wil mod (magic)
0x70: Psy mod (magic)
0x71: Vit mod (magic)
0x72: Cha mod (magic)
0x73: Unknown, probably HP mod (equipment)
0x74: Str mod (equipment)
0x75: Qui mod (equipment)
0x76: Int mod (equipment)
0x77: Wil mod (equipment)
0x78: Psy mod (equipment)
0x79: Vit mod (equipment)
0x7A: Cha mod (equipment)
0x7B: Unknown, 0x??00 - Seems 58 might have something to do with VictoryRune, went to 0D.
0x7C: Unknown, 0x00?? - Seems 58 might have something to do with VictoryRune, went to 0D.
0x7D: Something to do with LightSword, Shield, and the like, it seems. Also modified by equipment.
0x7E: Equipment weight.
0x7F: Unknown
0x80: Equipped Ability 1, 0x??00
0x81: Equipped Ability 1, 0x00??
0x82: Equipped Ability 2, 0x??00
0x83: Equipped Ability 2, 0x00??
0x84: Equipped Ability 3, 0x??00
0x85: Equipped Ability 3, 0x00??
0x86: Equipped Ability 4, 0x??00
0x87: Equipped Ability 4, 0x00??
0x88: Equipped Ability 5, 0x??00
0x89: Equipped Ability 5, 0x00??
0x8A: Equipped Ability 6, 0x??00
0x8B: Equipped Ability 6, 0x00??
0x8C: Equipped Ability 7, 0x??00
0x8D: Equipped Ability 7, 0x00??
0x8E: Equipped Ability 8, 0x??00
0x8F: Equipped Ability 8, 0x00??
0x90: Unknown
0x91: Unknown
0x92: Unknown
0x93: Unknown
0x94: Unknown
0x95: Unknown
0x96: Unknown
0x97: Unknown
0x98: Unknown
0x99: Unknown
0x9A: Unknown
0x9B: Unknown
0x9C: Unknown
0x9D: Unknown
0x9E: Unknown
0x9F: Unknown
0xA0: Unknown
0xA1: Unknown
0xA2: Unknown
0xA3: Unknown
0xA4: Unknown
0xA5: Unknown
0xA6: Unknown
0xA7: Unknown
0xA8: Unknown
0xA9: Unknown
0xAA: Unknown
0xAB: Unknown
0xAC: Unknown
0xAD: Unknown
0xAE: Unknown
0xAF: Unknown
0xB0: Unknown
0xB1: Unknown
0xB2: Equipment Slot 1
0xB3: Equipment Slot 2
0xB4: Equipment Slot 3
0xB5: Equipment Slot 4
0xB6: Equipment Slot 5
0xB7: Equipment Slot 6
0xB8: Equipment Slot 7
0xB9: Equipment Slot 8
0xBA: RaySword hidden slot.  The RaySword/LightSword hidden slots work for any weapon you put there manually; it's just that game code puts the appropriate weapon there when AlkaiserChange or LightSword is active.
0xBB: LightSword hidden slot.  ^
0xBC: Unknown
0xBD: Unknown
0xBE: Unknown
0xBF: Unknown
0xC0: Unknown
0xC1: Unknown
0xC2: Unknown
0xC3: Unknown
0xC4: Unknown
0xC5: Unknown
0xC6: Unknown
0xC7: Unknown
0xC8: Unknown
0xC9: Unknown
0xCA: Unknown
0xCB: Unknown
0xCC: Unknown
0xCD: Unknown
0xCE: Unknown
0xCF: Unknown
0xD0: Unknown
0xD1: Unknown
0xD2: Unknown
0xD3: Unknown
0xD4: Unknown
0xD5: Unknown
0xD6: Unknown
0xD7: Unknown
0xD8: Unknown
0xD9: Unknown
0xDA: Slashing
0xDB: Bashing
0xDC: Piercing
0xDD: Heat
0xDE: Cold
0xDF: Electric
0xE0: Force
0xE1: Status
0xE2: 05/20/08: This actually appears to be the internal value for what monster the creature is--while changing it won't cause graphics or names to change for the enemy, it will, for example, register as a different creature when a Mystic absorbs it; it does, however, change the name on the 'monster absorb' list at the end of a battle.
0xE2: 05/28/08 Also, x_loto discerned that for characters this is the CharID#. (Corresponds to status byte 00)
0xE3: Sprite (for characters--different for monsters? Thanks to x_loto for this) (Corresponds to status byte 01)
0xE4: Unknown
0xE5: Unknown
0xE6: Unknown
0xE7: Unknown
0xE8: Unknown
0xE9: Unknown
0xEA: Character's Battle Counter, 0x??00
0xEB: Character's Battle Counter, 0x00?? (x_loto)
0xEC: Corresponds to status bytes 9E--9F (x_loto once again~)
0xED: Corresponds to status bytes 9E--9F (x_loto once again~)
0xEF: Unknown
0xF0: Unknown
0xF1: Unknown
0xF2: Bit Toggles for known abilities, beginning.  F2--141: Corresponds exactly to bytes 38-87 of character status blocks. (Thanks to x_loto for this! He also realized that 13A--141 do NOT actually affect byte 90 of the character status block, contrary to prior opinion.)
0xF3: ^
0xF4: ^
0xF5: ^
0xF6: ^
0xF7: ^
0xF8: ^
0xF9: ^
0xFA: ^
0xFB: ^
0xFC: ^
0xFD: ^
0xFE: ^
0xFF: ^

0x100: ^
0x101: ^
0x102: ^
0x103: ^
0x104: ^
0x105: ^
0x106: ^
0x107: ^
0x108: ^
0x109: ^
0x10A: ^
0x10B: ^
0x10C: ^
0x10D: ^
0x10E: ^
0x10F: ^
0x110: ^
0x111: ^
0x112: ^
0x113: ^
0x114: ^
0x115: ^
0x116: ^
0x117: ^
0x118: ^
0x119: ^
0x11A: ^
0x11B: ^
0x11C: ^
0x11D: ^
0x11E: ^
0x11F: ^
0x120: ^
0x121: ^
0x122: ^
0x123: ^
0x124: ^
0x125: ^
0x126: ^
0x127: ^
0x128: ^
0x129: ^
0x12A: ^
0x12B: ^
0x12C: ^
0x12D: ^
0x12E: ^
0x12F: ^
0x130: ^
0x131: Bit Toggles for known abilities, end
0x132: 131--141: Correspond directly to status bytes 78--87; deals with Monster Form, Monster BaseHP, and Mystic Absorbs, although there are still 10d (0A) bytes unconfirmed. (credit to x_loto)

0x133: ^
0x134: ^
0x135: ^
0x136: ^
0x137: ^
0x138: ^
0x139: ^
0x13A: ^
0x13B: ^
0x13C: ^
0x13D: ^
0x13E: ^
0x13F: ^
0x140: ^
0x141: ^
0x142: Unknown
0x143: Unknown
0x144: Unknown
0x145: Unknown
0x146: Unknown
0x147: Unknown
0x148: Unknown
0x149: Unknown
0x14A: Unknown
0x14B: Unknown
0x14C: Unknown
0x14D: Unknown
0x14E: Unknown
0x14F: Unknown
0x150: Unknown
0x151: Unknown
0x152: Unknown
0x153: Unknown
0x154: Unknown
0x155: Unknown
0x156: Unknown
0x157: Unknown
0x158: Unknown
0x159: Unknown
0x15A: Unknown
0x15B: Unknown
0x15C: Unknown
0x15D: Unknown
0x15E: Unknown
0x15F: Unknown
0x160: Unknown
0x161: Unknown
0x162: Unknown
0x163: Unknown
0x164: Something to do with monster form--checks to see if Monster bit is set in Race/Gender, along with byte 1BA. (credit to x_loto)
0x165: ^
0x166: Unknown
0x167: Unknown
0x168: Last tech selected in battle.  Which menu command is on:
      00--09: Equipment slots 1-10 (9 and 10 are theoretically the 'hidden' equipment slots at BA and BB)
      0D: Monster skills
      0E: Fists
      0F: Magic
      10: Mec skills
      If an invalid menu is force-fed it just defaults to the next higher valid menu.
0x169: Command's position in menu.
0x16A: Corresponds to status byte 17 (more of x_loto's detective work ^^)
0x16B: Magick Gifts! Corresponds to status byte 15. (credit to x_loto, and shame on me for not seeing that sooner. :P)
0x16C: Is set to F0. (x_loto: why? I dunno) (Waylay: I concur o0)
0x16D: Unknown
0x16E: Unknown
0x16F: Unknown
0x170: Unknown
0x171: Unknown
0x172: Unknown
0x173: Unknown
0x174: Unknown
0x175: Unknown
0x176: Unknown
0x177: Unknown
0x178: Unknown
0x179: Unknown
0x17A: Unknown
0x17B: Unknown
0x17C--185: 5 2-byte values copied directly from status bytes 88--91 (more of x_loto's work..all were 00 00)
0x17D: ^
0x17E: ^
0x17F: ^
0x180: ^
0x181: ^
0x182: ^
0x183: ^
0x184: ^
0x185: ^
0x186: Unknown
0x187: Unknown
0x188: Unknown
0x189: Unknown
0x18A: Unknown
0x18B: Unknown
0x18C: Monster absorbable skills
0x18D: ^
0x18E: ^
0x18F: ^
0x190: ^
0x191: ^
0x192: ^
0x193: ^
0x194: Copied directly from status bytes 30--37 (thanks to x_loto for this--I'm sure we'll figure out what they're for eventually. :P)
0x19B: ^
0x19C: Unknown
0x19D: Unknown
0x19E: Unknown
0x19F: Unknown
0x1A0: Unknown
0x1A1: Unknown
0x1A2: Unknown
0x1A3: Unknown
0x1A4: Unknown
0x1A5: Unknown
0x1A6: Unknown
0x1A7: Unknown
0x1A8: Unknown
0x1A9: Unknown
0x1AA: Unknown
0x1AB: Unknown
0x1AC: Unknown
0x1AD: Unknown
0x1AE: Unknown
0x1AF: Unknown
0x1B0: Unknown
0x1B1: Unknown
0x1B2: Unknown
0x1B3: Unknown
0x1B4: Unknown
0x1B5: Unknown
0x1B6: Unknown
0x1B7: Unknown
0x1B8: Unknown
0x1B9: Unknown
0x1BA: Something to do with Monster form, along with bytes 164--165. (credit to x_loto)
0x1BB: Unknown
0x1BC: Unknown
0x1BD: Unknown
0x1BE: Unknown
0x1BF: Unknown
0x1C0: Unknown
0x1C1: Unknown
0x1C2: Unknown
0x1C3: Unknown
0x1C4: Unknown
0x1C5: Unknown
0x1C6: Unknown
0x1C7: Unknown
0x1C8: Unknown
0x1C9: Unknown
0x1CA: Unknown
0x1CB: Unknown
0x1CC: Unknown
0x1CD: Unknown
0x1CE: Unknown
0x1CF: Unknown
0x1D0: Unknown
0x1D1: Unknown
0x1D2: Unknown
0x1D3: Unknown
0x1D4: Unknown
0x1D5: Unknown
0x1D6: Unknown
0x1D7: Unknown
0x1D8: Unknown
0x1D9: Unknown
0x1DA: Unknown
0x1DB: Unknown
0x1DC: Unknown
0x1DD: Unknown
0x1DE: Unknown
0x1DF: Unknown
0x1E0: Unknown
0x1E1: Unknown
0x1E2: Unknown
0x1E3: Unknown
0x1E4: Unknown
0x1E5: Unknown
0x1E6: Unknown
0x1E7: Unknown
0x1E8: Unknown
0x1E9: Unknown
0x1EA: Unknown
0x1EB: Unknown
0x1EC: Unknown
0x1ED: Unknown
0x1EE: Unknown
0x1EF: Unknown
0x1F0: Unknown
0x1F1: Unknown
0x1F2: Unknown
0x1F3: Unknown
0x1F4: Unknown
0x1F5: Unknown
0x1F6: Unknown
0x1F7: Unknown
0x1F8: Unknown
0x1F9: Unknown
0x1FA: Unknown
0x1FB: Unknown
0x1FC: Unknown
0x1FD: Unknown
0x1FE: Unknown
0x1FF: Unknown
0x200: Unknown
0x201: Unknown
0x202: Unknown
0x203: Unknown
0x204: Unknown
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