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New fuel delivery app ... and yes I have a rant
08-08-2016, 10:38 AM
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New fuel delivery app ... and yes I have a rant
My work's internal communications put out a note about this and I've put it below. In one word: dumb. That's what I have. Just go to the fuel station and get gas like a normal adult. I don't want someone touching my car nor do I feel the need to be lazy but that is my personal preference. However, every time we get something like this where you get someone or something else to do something for you that's a necessity I feel like as a culture and human race we are getting too reliant on being lazy just for the sake of "convenience". Watch Idiocracy and you'll see what we will become--and in some cases already are. "But it's got what plants crave." <--Just had to add that line. :)

This also is probably something that in the end will not be good for your car because I HIGHLY doubt they are using top tier fuel nor do I believe the competitive price spiel if it was. Margins won't be good enough to support this business model if you are competitive with price so what's the gimmick..? The gimmick is they are using low grade fuel that is cheaper to purchase wholesale thus creating the ability for this "competitive" pricing model. This low grade fuel is not good for any modern engine, but alas most people don't give two shits about their car so I won't be surprised that these people don't give even more two shits about using this crappy fuel. All you need to know is see how packed a Race Trac fuel station is to know that people don't care about using shitty low grade fuel in their car. I really need to retire and get out of society already while I still have my sanity. Grin

Quote:Starting today, you’ll be able to get gas delivered to your vehicle - while you’re working - through Booster Fuels!

There is no service fee and no delivery fee to use Booster, and the price is always competitive with your local gas station.

To use Booster Fuels, just download the app here: [link removed] or from the app store by searching for “Booster Fuels.”

You will be able to make a fuel request every day, Monday through Friday, from 6:00am - 2:00pm for same-day delivery before 4:30pm. Try it out today!

How to Use:
1. After parking your vehicle at work, open the app to request a "boost."
2. Select a delivery time window and gas type (regular or premium).
3. Pop open your fuel door before getting out of your vehicle, and that's it!

Representatives from Booster Fuels will be in the 1st floor lobby tomorrow morning to answer any questions.
Thank you!

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