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Mystic Quest Multi-Editor
05-08-2012, 10:34 PM
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Mystic Quest Multi-Editor
Creator: JCE3000GT
Version: 1.0b
Release Date: 11/14/2005
Updated Last: 11/04/2011


If you want to tinker around with some of Mystic Quest's data but don't feel like using a Hex Editor then this program is for you. Right now it edits only the monster stats, but count on this program having more added in the future.

Things this version of the editor edits so far:
-Character Stats
-Equipment Stats
-Monster Stats
-Monster Names
-Some miscellaneous text

What's up next on the agenda:
-Character Starting Magic
-Character Starting Equipment
-Item Stats

NOTE: You have to replace all spaces " " with underscores "_" dispite what the info says in the program. For example: "teh Goblin" needs to read "teh_Goblin______". The game will not display spaces correctly and will prevent the monster's name from showing up. Also do not forget that of you want the text to have a line break use "*".

NEEDED: If you have a ROM data map or offset list of the data in Mystic Quest's ROM and would like to share feel free to contact me and drop me the data. I have some but not all the data I need.


Screenshots of the latest version:
[Image: main.gif]

[Image: monsters.gif]

[Image: character.gif]

[Image: equipment.gif]

[Image: text_title.gif]


Screenshots of the next version:

[Image: attacks.gif]

[Image: battlefield.gif]

[Image: equipment.gif]

[Image: magic.gif]

[Image: treasure_contents.gif]

[Image: jce3000gt_md.png]

[Image: jce3000gt.jpg]
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