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Top 10 topic: #12 -- Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
02-08-2015, 06:12 PM
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Top 10 topic: #12 -- Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
Ok the big one, with 5 extra slots. Top 10 SNES/SFC games...GO!


1. Final Fantasy IV / II US
2. Secret of Mana
3. Romancing SaGa 3
4. Final Fantasy V
5. Super Mario Kart
6. Super Mario World
7. Dossun: Ganseki Battle
8. Super Tetris 3
9. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
10. NBA Jam

This was such a difficult list...and I left off a TON of brilliant games but when it came down to what games would I pick up a play at any time anywhere these are it. Breakdown time...

Final Fantasy IV / II US, eh what can I say that hasn't already been said. This is THE best jRPG and by far the best game ever. What's not to like? Great story, great characters, great gameplay, great controls, even greater music, and the imagery is great. I literally do not have one complaint about this game, zero. It is that good. I must have played this game over 1,000 times start to finish, no joke. I cannot articulate just how much I love this game and everything about it.

Secret of Mana, so if FF4 is the pinnacle of jRPG's this is the pinnacle of action RPGs. Why this game gets a mixed reputation is beyond me. The story is just about as good as it can be, the characters are all lovable, the overall design is excellent, the gameplay is great, and the music is absolutely awesome. Bugs aside the gameplay mechanics were brilliant especially considering it was written from scratch on a short time table. The areas and seamless traveling between them is a great sight to behold. You could almost believe this could of been a PlayStation 1 game with it having such a great presentation.

Romancing SaGa 3, best SaGa game by a mile and one of the best jRPG's ever to me. Love the story, most of the characters, the imagery is brilliant, the music is even better than people give it credit for, and having a non-linear style is a plus. Great fun to play start to finish and even if you take a break from it awhile you can jump right back in and not miss a beat--has great replay value.

Final Fantasy V, everything I said about FF4 is true with this game minus a few tiny points. Unlike FF4 there is at least 1 music track I do not like (Harvest) and the lack of stat growth bugged me. Other than that everything else is brilliant. Screw FFVII and FFX, this is a Final Fantasy that needs an HD remake. There is so much to love about this game and it is never boring, which is a difficult feat in an RPG. Most RPG's start out a bit slow but this one starts out pretty well with a bang!

Super Mario Kart, so its Mario characters racing carts shooting things at each other. I'M IN! Was revolutionary when it came out and no matter how many Mario Karts have come afterwards this one is still my favorite. Nothing beats the original. I thought the circuits were all very well designed as was each character. Has the highest replay value of any racing game in this era and is even more fun multiplayer. :)

Super Mario World, best Mario game for me here. I'll never get tired of it, though I still hate Tubular's stage! Next to FF4 this is probably the best game for replay value over the years. In fact, I just went through it start to finish recently. Loved every minute, minus Tubular. LOL

Dossun: Ganseki Battle. Puzzle game? Check. Good music while playing? Check. Easy on the eyes to look at for hours? Check. Little characters fighting each other? Check. Yea so if you like puzzle games you need to give this a try. Super Puzzle Fighter II sort of ripped off this style, but Dossun is the original and better. My wife loves this one too and our battles multiplayer against each other can last a while.

Super Tetris 3. Its a Tetris game with good visuals, great music, and enough different modes to keep you busy. Not much else to say.

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, the RPG that no one liked (but me). I got this for my birthday when it came out and my friends and I surrounded the TV and played for a couple hours before bed that night and had a blast. Did I care that it was more simplistic vs other RPGs? Hell no. Did I care that the story was short? Hell no. Did I even care that most people dismiss it as crap? Well, hell yes. First of all the music ALONE is worth playing. Ryuji Sasai is a rock'n'roll guy so the sound track shows. I actually quite enjoyed playing this game and there was enough to do to keep me busy. The ending was satisfying and I feel good once I beat it. How many games can do that for you?

NBA Jam. I love the NBA, I'm a student of the game of basketball. I've been following the NBA since I was old enough to remember. I've been to tons of games of my favorite team over the years (Dallas Mavericks) since from 1984. When NBA Jam appeared in the arcade I was absolutely astounded on how awesome this game was then it was ported to the home consoles and the SNES version just felt and sounded like the arcade. NBA Jam still reigns as one of the best arcade game ports on a home console in that era. Newer and supposedly better basketball games have come out since, including games in its own series, but this one is still the best. No powerups, no gimmicks, just basketball. This is one of those games that has such a high replay value and it a game that my wife loves to play as well. I just cannot imagine how life would be without this game.


How about you all?

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RE: Top 10 topic: #12 -- Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
Alrighty then, it's time for my Top SFC/SNES Games. So we're going with a Top 10 for this one, eh? That's cool because the SNES had a ton of great games and also my favorite game console of all time! Here we go.

1. Final Fantasy VI/III US
2. Soul Blazer
3. Super Mario World
4. Super Metroid
5. Super Castlevania IV
6. Secret of Mana
7. Actraiser
8. Chrono Trigger
9. Star Fox
10. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Okay folks, you already know how I feel about Final Fantasy VI and my most favorite RPG. From the epic intro to the teary-eyed ending, it is one mega RPG. The only other game that came even close to this masterpiece is Chrono Trigger. But we'll get to that one in just a moment.

Soul Blazer was just plain wonderful. It's an Action RPG that fully engrossed me in the game from the beginning to the end. Back in the day, only Square and Enix truly delivered awesome games. Of course, you should know that Enix published Soul Blazer, while Quintet did the development. It's a shame that after they became Square Enix, the quality started to fall gradually over the years. Illusion of Gaia, though a very good game, somehow it did not feel as a complete package as Soul Blazer. Now, I never played Terranigma, but I hear that the original game, Soul Blazer, is still the best.

Super Mario World was the first SNES game I ever played, since it was the bundled game that came with my SNES console. It's simply an amazing game, even compared to modern Mario titles. The graphics, sound, and gameplay were all incredible. Super Mario Bros. 3 is still my favorite Mario game, but Super Mario World is still a very close 2nd best.

Oh yes, Super Metroid. I bought it on the same day that it came out. The game is just another masterpiece from Nintendo. When it comes to non-linear, sci-fi action side-scrollers, I can't think of a better game. It's funny that the original Metroid I couldn't get into all that much. But Super Metroid was 10 times better in my opinion. The SNES just pumped out some outstanding graphics and sound. I can't get over it even to this day.

You guys already know I'm a Castlevania fan by default. But if you ask about my favorite Castlevania game, it's Super Castlevania IV. That game is so fun, I can play it over and over for the next 50 years. I simply love it. The game is perfect. The music is the best I've ever heard from Konami.

Secret of Mana is the epitome of the Action RPG genre. Sure, there were other Mana games in the series, but none can be compared to Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana in Japan). I remember when I was a kid on Christmas Eve, I was sick with a bad cold. My mom went to a Christmas party that night. But thanks to Secret of Mana I rented earlier in the week, I had an awesome Christmas Eve by myself! Haha. My mom felt bad for leaving me when I was at home sick. But I said, "Don't worry about it. I got Secret of Mana." lol.

Oh boy, another Enix/Quintet superb game, Actraiser. It had an incredible mix of side-scroller goodness and city-building simulation. But on top of all that fun stuff, it has some of the best graphics and sound on the SNES ever! I keep hearing an orchestra coming out of my TV speakers. So when is Enix/Quintet coming back to their Golden Years? Actraiser 2 was just a regular side-scroller and was kind of an average game in my opinion. What happened?

Yeah, I know you guys might think Chrono Trigger may be over rated and such. But I do agree with the crowd that it is a great RPG, overshadowing just about all other RPG giants on the SNES. I had a great time playing and beating that game back in the day. The highlights of that game is the battle system, graphics & music, and the wonderful & quirky characters and villains. People think Chrono Cross is also a great entry in the series. But I disagree. It's just not as fun and the storyline takes too long to take off. I couldn't even finish the game! However, Chrono Trigger pulled me in almost the same way as Final Fantasy VI.

It's probably surprising that a shooter is on my Top 10 List. Though the graphics were archaic compared to modern polygonal graphics, Star Fox was so much fun. It was the first time that I played a "3D shooter." I remember the first time I turned on the game and saw the 3D graphics on the SNES! I knew this was a glimpse of the future. Everything about the game was fantastic. The controls were incredibly tight. The enemy designs were huge and really got your adrenaline going flying around to shoot them down. And then the final boss blew me away! The music also was very cool. I was young and in love with a high school cheerleader (and Homecoming Queen, lol). But this game made me forget about her at least when playing it. So you know it gotta be a good game! Grin

My favorite Zelda game was the original one on NES. But The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was my 2nd favorite. Similar to JC, I don't really like the 3D Zeldas as much. I guess if you want to play 2D-style Zelda, you gotta play the ones on Nintendo DS and 3DS. I would prefer Nintendo made 2D Zelda games on the big screen. But hey, they have to follow with demand, which is realistic graphics.
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02-10-2015, 10:54 AM
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RE: Top 10 topic: #12 -- Super Famicom / Super Nintendo
Great list. :)

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