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I just do not understand developers sometimes...
01-30-2015, 03:58 PM
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I just do not understand developers sometimes...
...especially Microsoft devs. Hah! Just take a look at this INCREDIBLY high amount of wasted space in the "new" 2013 Office. We were (at work) just forcibly upgraded from Office 2010, which I actually quite liked, to Office 2013. My god this new version of Office, and particularly Outlook & Excel are just cluster f*cks. :@

Bigger does not always mean better. Plus, what's with the ALL CAPS on the menu bar? Are we 8 years old now? :huh: I know it may sound like nit-picking but when you are used to something and attain a certain level of efficiency something like this impact productivity. Also, look at how 8-bit and 1 dimensional these icons look. LOL!

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