Final Fantasy IV Utility Box

  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 0.50b
  • Release Date: 4/2/2014
  • System: Super Nintendo

    Description: This utility allows the user to edit some random little data tidbits in Final Fantasy 4 / 2us.

    -Allows user to edit the character statistic number limits. (Default: 99)
    -Allows user to edit the character HP and MP number limits. (Default: 9999 / 999)
    -Allows the user to edit the maximum damage done by characters and monsters. (Default: 9999)
    -Allows the user to edit various things about the items.

    Future plans:
    -Add more stuff!

    NOTE: This program will work with any Final Fantasy IV / Final Fantasy II ROM without a header.

Interface Screenshot: