Final Fantasy IV: Side Story Volume 1

FF4 SS Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 0.10 ALPHA
  • Date Started: 4/17/2010
  • Release Date: TBD

    Final Fantasy IV: Side Story is a completely new mini-game using Final Fantasy IV's game engine. My plans are to have a fully playable and bugfree game for about 4-6 hours worth of game clock time. There will be completely new maps, some new characters, some new monsters, new magic, new storyline and of course a few little surprises along the way. This is more of an exercise for me to see if it is possible to do this and how well the final execution of the mod would turn out quality-wise. That, and this is a mini-story I always had in my head since I first played the game 20 years ago.

    So far the story is Joxton, a Templar of the Red Knights of Baron, was summoned by the King of Baron to aid Cecil and his party to help defeat Zemus after the Giant of Babil attack at Eblana. Joxton who left to gain additional strength for the journey stumbled upon a secret shrine that transported him to the moon--the other side of the moon. While there he runs into a couple of Lunarians and Golbez. Once a party is formed they make their way to Cecil to help with Zemus.

    Progress so far:
    -Storyline -- 50% (storyboard)
    -Dialogue (in game) -- 0%
    -Characters -- 10%
    -Graphics -- 10%
    -Maps -- 50%
    -Treasure -- 25%
    -NPCs -- 0%
    -Events -- 5%
    -Music -- 0%

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