Final Fantasy IV Advance EasyType

Final Fantasy IV Advance  EasyType Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.1 BETA
  • Release Date: 1/31/2012
  • Updated Last: 10/28/2012


    The GameBoy Advance re-release of Final Fantasy IV was a slight modification of the WonderSwan Color version a couple of years beforehand. Both are very good remakes and provide some extra stuff beyond what the original game gives you. This mod makes the game very easy but also keeps the fun!

    What has been changed:
    -All major characters start with 9,999 HP and 999 MP with exception of Tellah, FuSoYa and Golbez.
    -Those characters who do not learn Magic spells start at level 99 with maximum stats.
    -Those characters who can learn magic start at their normal level but will keep the maximum stats they start with.
    -All characters start with upgraded gear.
    -Monster encounter rate on the overworld is cut in half or two-thirds.
    -The Paladin starts with Holy.
    -Some monsters in the begining of the game give over 65,500 EXP and GP.
    -Every battle gives you all the items you can possibly win from every monster. This does not however make it so you get the rares instantly, the change only makes you always win an item. The game still uses the original calculation formula for winning items.

    What's been fixed: -The Rubicant vs Edge battle was not going as planned and would prevent the player from moving forward. The solution for now was to give Rubicant 0 HP so that Edge can kill him to let the battle move forward. I will revisit this method if there is enough people who want me to not take the lazy way out!

    NOTE: This patch will work on the North American release entitled: Final Fantasy IV Advance (U). The European and Japanese versions are untested!