Final Fantasy III US HardType+

FF3usHT+ Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT & Dragonsbrethren
  • Version: 1.2b & 1.3wip
  • Release Date: 2001 & 2006

    Description (V1.2):
    This is a modification of the game Final Fantasy III US Version 1.0. This makes the game MUCH harder and adds more flavor than the original.

    This is a difficult mod of Final Fantasy III US. In addition to being challenging there are new monsters, some dialogue changes, and a whole new way of learning magic. Overall, itís a good mod if you mastered the original game. Definately play this mod if you want to play something different and a little harder than the original.

    Final Fantasy III US HardType+ V1.3 WIP
    This is a revised WIP (work-in-progress) bugfix patch that Dragonsbrethren was working on several years ago but didn't get to finish. But, at least at this time he is planning on finishing it.

    What's been fixed?
    -Numerous battle formations with incorrect moulds fixed.
    -The "powerup as imp" bit was removed from several pieces of equipment.
    -Dragoon Sword can be used with SwdTech.
    -All claws now allow two weapons to be equipped.
    -Biggs, Wedge, and Leo's equipment can no longer be removed in battle.
    -Several incorrect equipment descriptions were rewritten.
    -Umaro can now equip the frozen ring.
    -Lucky knife's attack power boosted to 193.
    -Lucky ring now gives a 100% hit rate.
    -Several weapons that had spells assigned to them are now able to cast them.

    Other bugfix patches included are:
    -Genji Glove
    -Runic Fix
    -Step Mine
    -Recapture the Glory
    -Damn Yellow Streak
    -Auto Status Expiring
    -Grand Stairway
    -Pink Gogo
    -Mine Cart Fix
    -Can't Lose for Winning
    -Elemental Display Fix
    -Offering Tweak

    NOTE: You will need a 1.0 US release of the rom file without a header.

Review #1 by DeathLike2 on 8/12/2008
The magic system has been reworked into more of the FF7 materia system via relics, which is an interesting choice of how this was dealt with. Here are some good reasons: Instead of wasting time trying to rotate espers to learn them, you will spend time rotating relics to a select few characters. You don't have to worry about leveling up to maximize stats, since every esper has had their stat bonus disabled. This may disappoint some people, but stat maxing in the original game can put people off at times. The bulk of the challenge gets reduced to a pulp quickly once you figure out what you can get via the Coliseum. Then again, many hacks have been done like this, so it is hard to argue how this system has evolved to benefit the player. The only negative though is that there seems to be a number of bugs that practically hinders the enjoyment of the game, which hopefully will get patched... It's hard to argue the uniqueness of this hack and itís best to look at this hack as 'something fun and different' than it being a 'hardtype' hack which I don't believe is the proper term for it. It is very much worth playing for the sake of enjoyment, if not to find it a little different than most hacks.
Recommended - Yes