Final Fantasy II US Impossible

FF2us Impossible Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.0 FINAL & 3.2b
  • Release Date (V1.0 FINAL): 5/1/2001
  • Release Date (3.2 BETA): 6/3/2007

    There are two versions of this hack, 1.0 and 3.0b. V1.0 zeros out all of the experience from every monster. This basically makes the game impossible--but can you manage to beat it? V3.0b removes most experience and changes GP won from monsters. As well as add some new content and make items a bit cheaper. Here is a rundown of what each game changes...

    What's been changed (V1.0):
    -No monster gives any EXP. No other changes were made.

    What's been changed (V3.2 BETA):
    -Every non-boss monster gives the same EXP and GP--minus the final dungeon.
    -Boss monsters give SOME EXP and GP...not much.
    -Monsters who are summoned by other monsters give ZERO GP and EXP to prevent exploits.
    -All weapons are bought for the same price--50GP to prevent users from being tempted to use the duplication glitch to gain money.
    -Armor on the other hand is not as cheap.
    -There is some new content, which will be in my up coming FF2us Insane hack.
    -All bugs should be eliminated--but as always if you find any please report them to me.

    NOTE:You will need a 1.0 US release of the rom file without a header. This mod does not work on any of the Japanese rom files or any other game mods.