Final Fantasy II US EasyType

Final Fantasy II US EasyType Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 2.0 BETA
  • Release Date: 8/26/2009
  • Updated Last: 1/18/2012

    Anyone who has ever owned a Super Nintendo or played an RPG has heard of the name "Final Fantasy" Well this was the 4th Final Fantasy to be released but only the second in North America at the time. This game wasn't hard or difficult in any way, but, it was full of battles both long and short. This mod makes the game so easy you could literally play it with 1 hand. The goal is to allow the player to progress through the game as if the battles were a formality.

    What has been changed:
    -Custom title screen
    -All monsters give 65,000 GP
    -All items in shops are free
    -All item shops carry X-Potions, Elixirs and Whistles among other good stuff
    -Edited some weapons and armor to increase effectiveness
    -Every piece of weapon and armor can be equipped by anyone
    -Monster encounters on the overworld, underworld and moon are reduced to about half
    -Each character starts with 9,999 HP, and the magic users start with 9,999 MP (except Tella)
    -Each character starts with 99 strength, 50 agility, 99 vitality, 99 wisdom and 99 will
    -Some magic spells have had their damage increased
    -All magic users start with all their normal spells minus the ones you pick up during events (IE Rydia's Fire1, Edge's Flood/Blitz)
    -Some magic users start with spells they don't normally have (IE Cecil starts with Virus and Nuke and Edge starts with Fire3/Ice3/Lit3)
    -The Count spell now has a countdown of 99 instead of 10
    -All treasure chests that give GP now give 127,000 GP (pointless really)
    -Fixed Cecil's portrait palette bug
    -Included the Save Spot mod to give more save spots throughout the game

    NOTE: You will need a 1.0 US release of the rom file without a header. This mod does not work on any of the Japanese rom files or any other game mods.