Final Fantasy I No Magic Challenge

FF1 No Magic Challenge Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 1.1
  • Release Date: 2/13/2014
  • Updated Last: 2/16/2014
  • System: Nintendo Entertainment System

    This mod of Final Fantasy removes the ability for any of your characters to cast and or obtain magic. I did tone down the stats for the melee classes to be more closer to the magic classes so as to balance them out a bit. No point in picking four Fighters--that makes the mod kind of pointless. HAH!

    Whats been changed:
    -All magic points from all classes have been removed.
    -All magic shops in all towns have been removed.
    -Doubled walking speed.
    -Changed default message speed to 8 on the new game/conintue screen.
    -Altered item shops to allow buying 10 items at a time. (Original patch based on by Disch)
    -Start game with 10 Heals to help out a bit.
    -Fixed some various bugs in battle.
    -Removed the menu borders in battle because they are hideous.
    -Fixed the Caravan/airship bug.
    -Added the font from Final Fantasy II US.
    -Tweaked a few stats for the melee classes to "dumb" them down a bit to better match the magic classes.
    -Fixed the Bl.Belt and Master armor/abosrb and critical/damage bugs.
    -Tweaked the dialog window speed and removed its sound.
    -Prolgue text is faster.

    -Removed one magic shop missed.
    -Tweaked some weapons and armors to balance the gameplay further.
    -Tweaked some monster formations to add additional difficulty in the middle-late half of the game.

    NOTE: You will need a US release of the rom file. This may not work on any other rom file including any previously applied hacks and or any other regions, they are all untested.