Final Fantasy I Lite

Final Fantasy Lite Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 0.95
  • Release Date: 2/20/2014
  • Updated Last: 2/22/2014
  • System: MSX

    This mod of Final Fantasy (MSX) starts your characters off with increased base stats along with various other changes to make the game a little easier. This is a good port of Final Fantasy with upgraded graphics and music. The only drawbacks are you have to deal with the MSX system which is a pain in the ass and the walking speed is slightly reduced and a little choppy. Otherwise it is worth playing just to play another version of the first Final Fantasy.

    Whats been changed:
    -All starting characters begin with 250 HP.
    -All starting characters begin with 50 of the primary stats (left window on status menu) and slightly higher of the secondary stats (right window on status menu).
    -All Clinic and Inn visits are free.
    -Edited two weapons (Small Knife and Wooden Staff) and 1 armor (Cloth Armor) to give the best attack/defense in the game and made them available in Cornelia to purchase.
    -All healing-related items in the item shop are free, also includs the Bottle in the Caravan.
    -Added the Excalibur and Masamune to Cornelia's and Elfland's weapon shops respectively.
    -All spells cost 50 gold.
    -Edited some of the early spells to give the effects of the later spells of the same name. For example, Harm does Harm 4 damage.
    -Heal potion heals more in battle.

    What's next:
    -Add more magic points to magic users.
    -Increase the starting Gold of the party.
    -Maybe more?

    NOTE: You will need the right MSX disk image exactly 720KB (737,280 bytes) in size and is entitled: "Final Fantasy (1989)(Micro Cabin)(jp)(Disk 1 of 2)(Game Disk).dsk". You will need to search google for the disk image of this game. Also, you will need the disk entitled: ""Final Fantasy (1989)(Micro Cabin)(jp)(Disk 2 of 2)(User Disk).dsk" if you want to save the game.

    Original ROM/Disk information:
    CRC32: E268F257
    MD5: 636370BA2BBD18F94168D93D82988848
    SHA-1: 88313A53A1301D030317D5D1B76C16FCF4AE1A21

    Soundtrack: Click here to go to the soundtrack download page.