Final Fantasy I EasyType

FF1 ET Title
  • Creator: JCE3000GT
  • Version: 2.1
  • Release Date: 8/16/2011
  • Updated Last: 2/27/2014
  • System: Nintendo Entertainment System

    Everyone who's ever played an RPG in their lifetime has heard of the name "Final Fantasy". Now those that have played it will tell you it can either be easy or difficult depending on which classes you choose. Now that's no longer a concern. This mod makes Final Fantasy I for the Nintendo much MUCH easier, but, this does not however make the game boring. You just do not have to grind out level after level and that will allow you to enjoy the actual story and gameplay. Plus, who doesn't like to walk around like gods?

    Whats been changed:
    -Created some godly items and magic available to buy in the first town.
    -Edited some additional equipment to cast magic or if it casts a spell make that spell more powerful.
    -All healing-related items in the item shop are free, also includes the Bottle in the Caravan.
    -Created a "FREE EXP" monster which you need to find. It is located in two places.
    -Tweaked a few stats for the classes.
    -Edited the overworld to be much easier to get places with more ship docks and places to land an airship.
    -Edited every dungeon map with a path directly to the next floor or make it obvious where to go.
    -Tweaked the dialog window speed and removed its sound.
    -Added Disch's Item shop enhancement patch that allows buying 10 items at once.
    -Prologue text is faster.
    -Doubled walking speed.
    -Removed the middie window border on the battle screen.

    NOTE: You will need a US release of the rom file. This may not work on any other rom file including any previously applied hacks and or any other regions, they are all untested.