Final Fantasy I MSX Running Guide

Final Fantasy I MSX Title

1.0 Introduction & What you need
2.0 Emulator setup
3.0 Loading the disks
4.0 How to continue or save the game
5.0 Final thoughts

1.0 Intruduction & What you need

This is a small guide to show you how to run Final Fantasy for the MSX computer system using the Blue MSX emulator. You'll know where to get the emulator, ROM disk files and how to setup / run the game.

What you need:
-Go to Blue MSX download page
-Download the Final Fantasy MSX2 ROM.
 You can locate the ROMs from here: Disk 1 of 2 (Game Disk) -- Disk 2 of 2 (User Disk), once on these pages you'll need to click on the "Telecharger" button a the bottom.
-You'll also need a reasonable computer from at least 8 years ago plus a controller will help but isn't needed.

2.0 Emulator setup

Below is a series of screenshots and directions to get you up and running with the Blue MSX emulator so you can get begin playing Final Fantasy.

Main emulator screen:

Once the program is open navigate to the Options menu then select Emulation.

From the Emulation tab (selected by default) select "MSX2+" from the "MSX machine" drop down list. At this point there really isn't any need to change any additional settings but you can take a peek at what options are available. When you are finished press "OK".

Your next step is to select the "Tools" menu then "Input Editor". This will allow you to change the controls, you can use a joystick/gamepad or your keyboard. I will list the keyboard commands with what buttons are required to play Final Fantasy with at the end of this section.

Keys/Commands Final Fantasy uses (keyboard mode):
1. Confirm = Spacebar
2. Cancel = Return
3. Menu = F1
4. Party Order = F2

Loading the disks

To load the game disks and start playing first you'll need to make sure you understand what the 2 disk image files are for. The "Game Disk" is the actual game itself containing all of the game's data/code where as the "User Disk" is ONLY for storing your saved game.

To load the game disk select the "File" menu then "Disk Drive A", this is the only option we will be using to load either of the disk images.

Warning: It is important that you pay close attention to what disk images you select here! You can possibly erase the Game Disk if you are not careful!

Once you confirm the insert disk window you'll need to have the emulator boot up. You can press F9 on your keyboard to start the emulation.

Important step: This is required to get Final Fantasy running on Blue MSX! Once you see the below screen immediately press and hold the left control (CTRL) key on your keyboard until you see the "Say DOS Version 1.A0 for MSX series" and "OK! on the next line. This apparently frees up some memory for the game to run, not doing this step will not load the game!

Hold left control (CTRL) on this screen:

You will see this screen if you are successful. If you do not see this screen start over.

4.0 How to continue or save the game

To save a game that you're currently playing you'll need to visit an Inn or use one of the items that you can rest with such as a Tent, Cabin or House. One you choose this option in the game you'll need to wait for the message box to appear that tells you (in Japanese if not playing a translated disk) to swap disks. Once the "Insert Disk Image" window pops up be sure you select the "User Disk"!! After you click "OK" on that window you'll need to press the joystick or keyboard button associated with the Confirm button. After the game stores the data you'll get another message window (again in Japanese if not translated) telling you to swap disks again. You'll use the same routine to swapping the disks as previously but you'll just re-open the "Game Disk" and again press the Confirm button.

Below is an example of visiting an Inn.

The Inn:

After selecting to stay at the Inn, the game asks you for the "User Disk":

After saving to the "User Disk" the game asks you to load the "Game Disk":

To continue a stored game from the "Continue" & "New Game" or title screen when the game is first loaded you'll use the same method to swap the disks as above. Below is a screenshot of which menu option to choose to resume a stored game from the title screen.

5.0 Final thoughts

This game is very fun and the upgraded graphics and sound make it a good version of Final Fantasy to play. My only complaints are the loading time and the slow walking speed that appears choppy. Otherwise the music and fresh graphics are well worth the effort in playing.

I also have created a "Lite" version of this game if you need a little boost. You can download the IPS patch from the Final Fantasy Lite page. I also have the soundtrack available to download in MP3 format.

Thanks for reading!